Kittie-in-BelugaEPA-AwardKittie Wilson: Photographer, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Conservationist

Kittie Wilson lives on Pleasant Lake in New London, New Hampshire with her husband, John, and their two Scottie dogs.

  • Master of Education Degree in Elementary Education
  • Elementary Teacher 1971-2002
  • Recipient of the 1993 Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical Award for creating and teaching “The Mindstretch Program”, a creative approach to teaching children thinking skills.

In her retirement, Kittie works as a volunteer for The Loon Preservation Committee to preserve and protect the Common Loon, a threatened species in New Hampshire.  She also works to preserve and protect Pleasant Lake in New London.

  • Recipient of the 2009 Spirit of the Loon Award from The Loon Preservation Committee.
  • Secretary of The Pleasant Lake Protective Association since 1997, Chairman of The Wildlife Committee and a member of The Weed Watcher Team.
  • Recipient of the 2014 United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Merit Award for Lifetime Achievement, together with her husband, John.

Kittie’s photographs and writing encourage people of all ages to become keen observers of the natural world.  She seeks to build passion for protection of loons and other wildlife.

  • Publishes a weekly nature journal, “All Things Pleasant on the Lake”, which is enjoyed by hundreds of nature lovers.
  • Publishes a yearly loon calendar and a variety of loon books.  100% of the profits from these sales are donated to The Loon Preservation Committee to preserve and protect loons.
  • Presents a number of very popular lectures on the Common Loon, which incorporate her photographs, her original songs and her many years of observations.  100% of the speaking fees are donated to The Loon Preservation Committee.